James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

The Treacher Thesis

How a Peripheral Right-Wing Blogger's Flight of Fancy Became Conservative Gospel

"Worst Late Show joke ever!"

(Cross-posted on Twitter with feedback from Jim Treacher.)

June 8: David Letterman jokes about Palin daughter getting "knocked up" at ball game. Audience laughs at obvious Bristol reference.

June 9: Blogger/crank Jim Treacher posts logic-defying claim that Letterman's Bristol joke was actually about Willow's statutory rape.

Treacher's thesis: the imaginary events of the Bristol joke could never have happened because she was not actually at the ball game.

Treacher's post is linked on the popular political weblog Memeorandum and spreads like wildfire through the right-wing blogosphere.

In less than 24 hours, a peripheral blogger's loopy post is THE conservative talking point of the day.

The next day Letterman says the "knocked up" joke was about the daughter who was knocked up. Palin supporters react to this logic with fury.

June 12: Sarah Palin insists to Matt Lauer that Letterman was absolutely making a joke about the statutory rape of Willow Palin.

NY Republican assemblyman calls for CBS to fire Letterman. Team Palin has made the Treacher Thesis a key element of her political recovery.

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