James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak


In the disappointment sense.
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August 10 2010, 06:25:52 UTC 6 years ago

You seem to be lost. Twitter is over there; this is the place where people can handle paragraphs.

And context.
They should make the whole airplane out of the stuff they use to make the black box. Am I right, people?


6 years ago

Thank you, thank you, no more hecklers, Mr. Urbaniak will be here all week and the 9 o'clock show is COMPLETELY different from the 7 o'clock show! GOOD NIGHT!
Yes, yes you are.
Curious head titlt?
What are you, the dog in "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"?
I certainly type like him, at 3 in the morning.


6 years ago

i hope it's not too serious
Oh, you are so clever and talented that you can and will obliterate any problem that comes your way. Fuck setbacks because you're James Fucking Urbaniak and you are awesome.

And I'm posting while high on (necessary!) cough syrup. Hell yeah.
Whatever it is, you've got my condolences and I sincerely wish you the best, however much it means coming from a faceless fan on the internet. You've always seemed like such a fucking cool dude and not someone deserving of one of life's slaps in the face.
Tell us who needs roughing up James, we're there for ya.

Or is it something Bierko can fix? Or maybe this post indicates he followed thru on the blackmail necessary to get you to sing Whitney Houston tunes! If its Bierko we gotta rough up just twitter "The Music Man Made Me" and we'll take it from there.

Deleted comment

hah! and boom goes the dynamite.
Delayed reaction to being killed by John Connor?
Damn man. I hope it's nothing super serious. You're too damn awesome and we love you.
I know, we were all really hoping P=NP, but it was an impossible dream.
Oh dear. I hope you can take the bull by the horns and kick it's nose in. And by that I mean handle the situation....

sorry, I'm still groggy.
OH NOES!! What is up?
What's the matter?
Eight seasons is plenty. The story never ends, of course, but Piven wants to get back to that Broadway career.
The lady behind the counter at the Dunkin Donuts yesterday felt self-conscious about having the Teen Choice awards on the store TV, and explained (at no intentional prompting from me) that she can't help but watch.

I assured her that I was following the pageantry too, insofar as I follow at least one celebrity on Twitter who was sad that the teens have failed to choose him once again.
Not a lot to go on, but with any luck whatever it is will soon pass or be superseded by something more interesting.