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Go in peace to love and serve the Doc.
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Re: last weeks episode - Is it hard to sing in character?
And also with you.

Sorry, thought I was back in church for a second there.

Deleted comment

What about the Jackson?
Doc Venture or Doc Hammer? I could do both.
Venture Hammer!
That was quite a ride - and darned entertaining. I kind of hate to be so generic sounding, but with Adultswim.com's delay schedule and the 3:00AM repeat showing slot, some might not get to see it until next week.

Cable outage for the premier. Cable came back at 3:14, but the repeat slot was actually a magic bullet commercial. Making the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU face now. D%
and I am forced to alternate means to acquire this episode, as a drunk driver reduced our electricity-supply to zero for about 7 hours. =/
The season has been awesome this year! It's been interesting to see Doc's character develop more.
Hey I've got a question for you, Wikipedia says that Robobo is a combination of Bo from the dukes of Hazzard (obviously) and the ASIMO robot - is that all or am I right in thinking there's an even bigger Bravestarr reference going on here?

Presenting Col Borobot, but the only picture I could find was of the toy.



November 1 2010, 03:53:43 UTC 6 years ago

asimo was created in 2000. bravestar in 198x.