James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

Venture Brothers News!

Is Livejournal still a thing?
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It is!

Though, perhaps, a smaller thing than it once was.
It is for me. But I linked it for my Facebook friends, in case they don't LJ.
It lives. Still.

By the way, I was watching Kidnapped today via the Netflix. Like the kids do these days. Quite a few faces in that I only found familiar on this viewing.

Must be a busy time of the year for an accountant.
It's cooled down a lot compared to 5-10 years ago, unfortunately. Twitter and Facebook are inferior channels for actual conversation, but...
it sure is still a thing.

but tumblr is pretty awesome too.
Yay. I love when you have jobs!! It's fun for me (probably for you, too.. but let's keep this about me)

Hey! Maybe someday you'll get a gig where you can earn some serious scratch like those fat cat public school teachers.


March 22 2011, 13:27:23 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  March 22 2011, 13:28:29 UTC

It is in my world. In the last couple months I have met some of the coolest people I have met in years on here. I'm having a great time. (Ya know, horrific personal tragedy aside.)

Congrats on the extra seasons. We love having you around.
I still read it :)
It is indeed and thank goodness for that because THIS IS HAPPY NEWS!!!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. And for my entertainment. But mostly for you.... Mostly.
A smaller thing, but a thing.

I still h8 Facebook.

Congratulations on the contract! \o/
you say thing, i say mastodon.
Some of us still think so, but what do we know? I suspect all the people with free accounts were driven away by the ads though.

More importantly, VB is still a thing. YAY!
Bite your tongue sir.
LJ is still infinitely better for longer-term musings, as opposed to the 160 char prattlings that those damn kids with their jazz and their jitterbugging and knee-length skirts seem to be cavorting with.
Pretty much this, except I still use the Twitter-majig and Tumblr-whatsit and Facebookery-thinger, too. I hate character limits. MY OPINIONS ARE LIMITLESS, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME.

Also, I can't seem to use Tumblr for anything other than reblogging pretty images.

Viva la Livejournal.
Awesome news. Looking forward to watching its an inspiration to my work!
Hooray for all of us! You get to work, and we get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
LJ is THE Thing, good Sir! Hurrah for LJ, Hurrah for VB!!

And congrats on your getting in with one of those Hepster music videos with their skinny jeans and post irony ironies. I spotted you doing your best *shirted* Putin imitation on MTV2 with Conversation 16.
That is excellent news. Is there any news on the Topic A front?
It's barely a thing.

Also, neat news!
Yes. And a good thing in the age of reduced content.
Yay more Venture Brothers!

On the note of Venture Brothers, I was doing an exposure sheet for a clip from it for my animation class. You speak very quickly at times, Mr. Urbaniak.
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MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)