James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
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Talking Heads

Mike Daisey is a solo performance artist at a recent performance in Cambridge it seems a lot of people didn't want to hear what he had to say 87 people walked out after he told a joke about sex with Paris Hilton and one member of the audience dumped water all over his desk let's take a look.

Oh my God: I'm *beep*ing Paris Hilton!

Hey do any of you people who are leaving want to stay and talk about this or do you want to run out like cowards?

Turns out the people walking out were a high school group that included parents and school officials Daisey later contacted the school and one of the administrators told him that they left because they feared for the children's safety not sure what they meant by that sounds like Daisey used a few curse words those kids have probably heard worse on cable anyway the story has been the talk of the theatre blogs most supporting Daisey some not blogger and columnist Michelle Malkin is with us in Michelle the walkout and the water pouring justified?

Absolutely justified and Chris it wasn't just curse words these teachers and parents were concerned about. If you read the news reports a very real threat was made to the audience, there was an announcement saying that if anyone's cell phone went off during the performance then the phone would be shoved up that person's rear end, only they used much more graphic language!

Well that sounds like a figure of speech--

It was not a figure of speech, it was a very real threat of cellular sodomy!

Daisey says members of the group called themselves Christian but a representative from the high school says it's a public school with no religious affiliation Pat Buchanan what does this say about the separation of church and state in this country?

I think it says a lot, Chris.

This looks like a defining moment for the theatre blogs they've always been a peaceable kingdom so to speak but this controversy has exposed sharp divisions in the community StageDoor76 is a regular commenter on "All That Chat" he joins us now from New York StageDoor76 are the theatre blogs in danger of imploding over this?

Chris, this is worse than what's going on backstage at "Deuce." And I just want to say that the language on many of these blogs is completely inappropriate. There is no need for that kind of tone.

Rough language on the theatre blogs Pat Buchanan any thoughts.

Absolutely, Chris.

Daisey writes on his blog that he got in touch with the guy who poured the water and had a long phone conversation and by the end the guy apologized and Daisey forgave him Al Sharpton does this say something about the possibility of redemption?

I think it does, Chris.

"Development Hell" everybody talks about it but does anybody do anything about it that's coming up next you're watching Hardball. web stats script
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