James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

Most Powerful Republican Meme Ever!

Right-wing pundit Rob Port

Oh wait.

Right-wing pundit Rob Port

Conservative bloggers John Derbyshire and Rob Port may not agree on everything ("the Iraq war was obviously a gross blunder"-Derbyshire, 6/12/06; "We've made things better since we invaded"-Port, 9/13/06) but they've found common ground pushing an exciting and devastating new right-wing talking point!

Derbyshire, the day after the Virginia Tech massacre:
As NRO's designated chickenhawk, let me be the one to ask: Where was the spirit of self-defense here? Setting aside the ludicrous campus ban on licensed conceals, why didn't anyone rush the guy? It's not like this was Rambo, hosing the place down with automatic weapons. He had two handguns for goodness' sake—one of them reportedly a .22.
Port! Grab the ball and sustain that meme now! While the opportunity's as fresh as the blood in the NIU lecture hall!
Are We Becoming A Society That Doesn’t Fight Back?
By Rob on February 15, 2008 at 02:14 pm

In a recent post about the campus shooting at Northern Illinois University one reader, who lives near the campus, posted this:
I am discouraged that no one took their books, laptops, anything and just threw it at the guy, no one fought back. It’s that passivity that troubles me.
That’s a great point. It seems that far too often modern Americans have an instinct to cower or run away when threatened instead of fighting back. Especially younger Americans, and based on my personal experience I’d have to say that it’s being learned in our schools.

. . .

Certainly we should look to the authorities for help when that’s feasible, but we need to get back to the time when our citizens fought back when attacked instead of scattering like the sheep we’ve become.
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Jesus H. Limbaugh Christ. Their war is a disaster, their President is a joke, their party grows more disenfranchised every day, everyone is sick of their scare tactics and bullshit chest-thumping, they're utterly incompetent, have no credibility, zero record to stand on and are completely bereft of ideas. How desperate, craven and frankly out-of-your-mind do you have to be to find yourself reduced to turning rampage killing victims into symbols of liberal weakness?" Well, stop that thinking right now, people, and get into the spirit of this inspiring new meme! I'm telling you, if the Republicans don't win back America by denouncing the victims of our psycho killers as so many Defeatocrat sheep, there's no hope for this country.

(Tip of the dainty liberal beret to Sadly No)

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