James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

The Supposed Albatross

Republicans: Distance yourselves from this man at your peril.

Are you part of that misguided majority who believe that George W. Bush's record hasn't been an Epic Win? Well, you're in Fantasyland and Investor's Business Daily wants you to get off the teacup ride! In an editorial entitled "Bashers Beware" an anonymous True Bush-liever cuts through all this anti-W nonsense with a "dose of reality." Perhaps you've forgotten about:

1. The state of the economy! ("we can thank the president")

2. The Administration's implementation of a secret program to spy on Americans that was so profoundly illegal that the top staff at Justice threatened to quit en masse over it! (Or as the editorial modestly puts it "Bush gave the National Security Agency the authority to monitor any and all communications of suspected terrorists, by telephone, e-mail or other means." Don't hide the President's light under a bushel, Investor's Business Daily! Even though warrantless surveillance was already permitted by FISA, Bush wanted more! Much more! What exactly we still don't know). Yay Bush!

3. The Big T: TORTURE!!! : ) "The president also gave authorization for the CIA to employ tough interrogation methods on terrorists in custody, to the extent of transporting those detainees to secret locations abroad." 'Nuff said.

4. Tax cuts for the rich! ("substantial tax cuts" IBD notes glowingly).

That should be enough for any President. But on top of this delicious sundae of a record is a little cherry called (ahem)...


(Which we're winning "in a resounding fashion." As if Investor's Business Daily had to tell us.)

Boo-yah!!! How ya like Bush now?! *does end zone dance*

Understandably, the editorial's author simply can't understand how any of these successes can be considered liabilities and why any candidate for office wouldn't want to embrace the President wholeheartedly: "This is the supposed albatross Republicans are so intent on distancing themselves from and which Democrats believe to be the key to victory in November. The facts of the last seven years tell a different story." (Who wouldn't take investment advice from a publication with such a clear-eyed view of reality?) Sadly for Investor's Business Daily (and the President) it's only too common these days that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this:

...is greeted with this.

Dear God. When a fundraiser in the home state of the Republican nominee for President featuring George W. Bush as a special guest is cancelled because people are staying away, something is very, very wrong. Why don't people want four more years of Bush-style governing? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

Wake up, Republicans! Your "albatross" will help you soar...to victory!

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