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Hahaha, what the crap.
The ominous roll of thunder was well timed.

My goodness that was rage-filled. We don't need another hero indeed.
See, that's what pisses me off the most.

I already saw Mel Gibson as the Ty Cobb of acting, so the fact that he was burying his career and reputation by being a racist misogynist asshole was no skin off my nose, but I still feel like saying STOP RETROACTIVELY RUINING MAD MAX, YOU ASSHOLE. THE ROAD WARRIOR AND BEYOND THUNDERDOME DESERVE BETTER.


July 10 2010, 14:10:47 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  July 10 2010, 14:52:26 UTC

I agree. I love THE ROAD WARRIOR so much, and I want to try to separate it from the guy who acts in it... But it's getting harder and harder.

I suppose one could just watch it for the Gyro Captain and The Humungus. BUT WHO WOULD BELIEVE US?
That rainbow remained stoic in the face of all that abuse, all sorts of aces rainbow
I don't know why it puts up with all of his crap.
If by 'inevitable' you mean, it was bound to happen - then I agree.
Him and Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP should get together. Make a movie or something. Fuckin' rainbows.
I'm not really sure I understand that one, but if Mel Gibson is checking off a list of things to make himself even less appealing, railing at rainbows probably should be on it.

It is a bit weird to see someone go into extended trainwreck mode like he has in recent years - did he acquire a taste for crack late in life? Decide that a diet rich in heavy metals would be extra hardcore? Mishap with a home trepanation kit? I get that his dad was kind of a racist loon, but if Mel Gibson has always been like this, he used to do a much better job of concealing it from the general public. Or is this an information age thing where it was easier to be an idiot when your antics couldn't be blogged, tweeted and a 24-hr news cycle wasn't desperate to fill time with whatever will draw the most eyeballs with the least amount of work?
... But I can now confirm that there is officially a porn star named Mecha Shiva and I thought that SOMEONE involved in the production of The Venture Bros. should know.
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