James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

Other than this, I got nothin'

Hmm. Haven't posted since Wednesday. Sorry. I've been lazy and the past few days of Project Urbaniak-Takes-Over-the-Global-Entertainment-Industry ("PUTOTGEI") have been uneventful. (Well, I was offered a cameo appearance opposite a Hot Young Star in an upcoming Big Hollywood Movie but the Voucher Ankles legal dept. insists that I keep mum about the details for now.) I did the Spalding Gray reading at the Public Theatre mentioned below and apparently I did not fuck it up because the conceivers of that work-in-progress say they want to keep me on the team. Thursday night I went to see this, which was excellent. And just as I am settling back into my New York groove, I have to go to Istanbul on Tuesday to finish "Fay Grim." Damn you, Hal Hartley!
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