James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

Waiting for the kill

Good grief. I haven't posted in a week. You'd think I had a life outside this blog! Livejournal even changed their default template in the meantime. Well, it looks very nice. Thank you, Livejournal.

Eronanke hepped me to this, via OhNoTheyDidn't. "Kidnapped," of course, is the pilot I shot a couple of months ago where I play a hitman. Maybe America will get to see Urbaniak killing people after all. We can only hope

I've had auditions for some interesting projects recently. In one I would play an ex-FBI fingerprinting expert. In another I would be a celibate dog lover (that is, a celibate person who loves dogs, as opposed to a person who loves celibate dogs). In another I would be a new-agey conflict resolution therapist. Then there's the commercial audition where I read for the role of a cloud. And the moon. (I liked the cloud better.) Different characters all. You can tell because for each audition I wore a different shirt.

Last weekend I finally finished Hal Hartley's "Fay Grim" with a couple of NY exterior shots of me exiting the subway, walking down the street, etc. Another Urbaniak film in the can. What's next? Fingerprint guy? Dog lover? New age dude? Cloud? All of the above? None? Stay tuned.
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