James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
James Urbaniak

Josh Emery: The Complete First Season

"I'm sorry I came in late to the Josh thing... what is he suing you for exactly?? For being mean?"

It has been exactly six months since Joshua Lawrence Emery made his first appearance in these pages. For recent readers wishing to catch up (or old ones who simply want to relive the good times), the essential chapters of the whole sordid saga are linked below. Students and teachers of the case may wish to bookmark this page for future reference.

October 12, 2005: The Post that Started it All
"I am the writer of the Verizon ad in question." These bland words left by an anonymous commenter were the spark that set off one of the greatest conflagrations in internet history.

The Blogger and the Ad Man
An early in-depth expose of the controversy. In the comments, Josh Emery reveals his first name and last initial and announces his lawsuit.

Press Briefing with Scott McClellan
The first post to address the "Is Josh real?" issue. In the comments, Emery's last name is revealed by a co-worker.

What I Told the Grand Jury
My affectionate account of an evening out with Scooter Libby is used by Josh as an excuse to ratchet up his hateful rhetoric. My mother Biddy, a simple country woman, makes a rare appearance.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Josh Emery
The definitive essay on the question of Emery's "reality." A reader offers a convincingly detailed account of the time she spent dating him. Emery pretends he doesn't know her.

Cruelty thy name is Josh
After receiving a callback, I am (unsurprisingly) "released" from the Emery commercial. In the comments, he gloats that I have "screwed the pooch" and refers to me as "ol' skinny."

Just when you thought it was safe...
Like the Unabomber, Josh Emery strikes again after lying fallow for an extended period. In a long and bizarre rant he takes me to task for memorializing the actor Pat Morita. The mind of the mad marketer is clearly spinning out of control.

Josh in a minor key
A lesser contribution to the Emery canon, this thread nevertheless contains some amusing back-and-forth as well as references to David Mamet and the Berenstain Bears. In a betrayal of his cultural philistinism, Emery misspells the playwright's name "Mament."

Josh Emery and Reality: Divorce Official
Coming at me with both guns blazing, Emery cites my appreciative analysis of Eronanke's haiku as evidence that I hate my readership. His irrational leaps of logic are breathtaking.

Bräzen: Behind the Music
The true story of my and Josh Emery's eighties hair band. He remains in denial about the whole episode.

The Manipulator
Big Brother or Big Perv? You be the judge. The post that inspired Josh Emery to finally get a Livejournal account.

Emery cracks it wide open
Or just cracks.

And thus we begin Season Two...
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