James Urbaniak (urbaniak) wrote,
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Doc by any other name still smells as sweet

The cast and crew of the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Brothers confirmed today that the Cartoon Network cult hit has been renewed for not just a third but also a fourth season. During a Q&A panel at New York Comic-Con, the jocular assemblage of voice-actors/creators including Steven Rattazzi, Michael Sinterniklaas, Jackson Publick, Paul Pope and James Urbaniak made the announcement amid quick-witted outbursts and comedic jabs.
And let me tell you, Paul Pope was the jabbiest.

Poor Doc Hammer. His official badge omitted his surname (it merely said "Doc," creating some confusion when he checked in) and his nameplate on the panel table said "Paul Pope." And despite the fact that the razor-thin man in the dandified clothes and the two-toned hair who was referred to as "Doc" by audience members and his fellow panelists was unmistakably Venture Brothers co-creator Doc Hammer, the IGN reporter took his nameplate at its word.

Anyway, the panel was a lot of fun: an unmoderated hour-long Q&A full of predictably free-form tangents. (At one point Doc started answering a question about the show and ended up talking about body hair.) Best question was from an eleven-year-old boy who asked if the show had been paid by the Scrotal Safety Commission to promote testicular torsion awareness. (He was serious.)

Afterwards I talked to many fans (including several Voucher Anklets), signed a bunch of Season One DVDs and one guy's artificial leg. A good time was had by all. Herewith a few photos:

[Update 2/26: IGN has corrected the error in the above linked article. Doc Hammer is no longer referred to as Paul Pope. It was fun while it lasted.]

(Several photo updates since original post.)

The first thing I notice upon entering the Javits Center is two Imperial Stormtroopers throwing out their trash in the snack area. "Now I am at Comic-Con," I think to myself.

I get hopped up on caffeine outside the panel room as the crowd pours in. (Photo: Steven Rattazzi)

It's packed! (Photo: Steven Rattazzi)

"Paul Pope" checks out the crowd.

Seconds before showtime. From left: some guy, Steven Rattazzi, Michael Sinterniklaas, Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer. Doc and Jackson's air of confusion and regret is palpable.

The gentleman on the right removed his artificial leg for me to sign. He explained that although the ink would not remain permanently on its slick surface he would be photographing the autograph. (Screen capture via kuiosikle's video in comments.)

The kid. (Via kuiosikle again.)

Voucher Anklet spooky_chan presented me with a drawing of Rusty. She totally captured his devilish charm. (Photo: Rattazzi)

A fan attempts to look into my very soul while Spooky and her goth pals linger behind me. (Photo: Rattazzi)

Later that night I noticed this strange bomb-like light box on the street. I immediately called the authorities. You can't be too careful these days.
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